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Beautiful Life Health & Wellness Services

Feeling Your Best Starts Here

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Wellness & Life Coaching Services

Feel your best. Look your best.  BLHW health & wellness and life coaching considers the neurological and cognitive behavior habit changes necessary for deep and profound peace and wellness.  This is what makes our coaching different and highly effective. 


Our support and accountability are world-class yet our coaching style is casual and down-to-Earth.

We offer the following:

-90-Day Personalized Coaching Starting At $3999.

 Learn More Here

-14-Day Elimination Meal Plan Starting At $499. 

  Lose Belly Bloat. Find Out What Foods Are Causing You          Digestive Stress. Learn More Here

All BLHW services begin with a personalized discovery consultation whether you are an individual, group, or business. 

Click here to discuss your needs, budget, and goals.  

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Golf Mental Game Coaching & Wellness Services

Beautiful Life Golf is dedicated to the beautiful parallels between golf and life, and the practice of using them to lower scores and become healthier both on and off the course.


At Beautiful Life Golf we acknowledge golf as a game, practice, and opportunity to create a powerful presence and focus that we can not only enjoy on the course but also off the course when done correctly.


We are dedicated to the idea that every golfer deserves more peace in their life and that the countless hours we spend on the course should also be utilized to serve our health and wellness.

Our one-of-a-kind coaching focuses on the neurological and cognitive behavior changes necessary to feel your best in mind, body, and spirit on and off the course.  You will NOT find this anywhere else!

We offer individual mental game range - 18 hole lessons and coaching as well as group and corporate chats, clinics, and coaching. 


Click Here To Learn More About 90-Day Coaching For Golfers. 

Click Here To Learn More About Golf Lessons. 


All BLG services begin with a personalized discovery consultation.  Book Your Consultation Here 

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Yoga Services

BLHW offers yoga for indviduals, groups, or teams.

BLHW offers in-person and Zoom yoga services from 15 minutes to 60 minute ALL level classes.  

The focus of the BLHW physical yoga practice is based on Hatha yoga.  All levels yoga classes are intended to help build stability, balance, and strength in mind, body, spirit.   

You will leave each class feeing refreshed and revitalized.  

Speciality BLHW Yoga:  Yoga For Golfers, Corporate Yoga, Live Music Yoga

All BLHW & BLG services require a personalized discovery consultation from individuals to groups. Book your yoga services consultation here.  

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