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Austin Park

BLHW Personalized Coaching

We help busy people neurologically wire their brains for peace through their health and wellness habits, without affecting their already busy schedules.

Hi, we are Laurie and Carlos Benavidez.  Our coaching focuses on the neurology and cognitive behavior changes necessary to feel your best and support healthy habit changes in mind, body, and spirit. 


Our clients are experiencing better sleep, increased focus, increased inner peace, deeper life satisfaction, increased work satisfaction, feeling at ease, experiencing more natural energy, and are able to turn off the workday in just minutes. 


While at the same time making their wellness practices life-long sustainable habits (including getting good sleep, eating well, and having regular mediation and exercise practices.


Are you ready to let go of anxiety, burnout, and unneeded stress? 

Are you ready for inner peace, true work-life balance, mood stability, increased work and life satisfaction, and increased energy? 


We know you are.  Give in to the urge to dive deeper into your self-care. 


Feeling better starts now. Click here to schedule a consultation. 

Coaching Services: Services

Our Personalized Coaching Programs are for you if you are experiencing any one of the following: 

  • You find that you are harsh and critical of yourself

  • You currently exercise & eat sensibly, yet something is still missing

  • You have trouble relaxing 

  • You are experiencing low energy 

  • You have trouble falling/staying asleep

  • You want to make exercise and/or eating healthy a habit

  • You are seeking weight loss

  • You often lose track of time on social media or when using electronic devices

  • You feel anxious often

  • You feel overwhelmed often

  • You want a better work/life balance

  • You want to improve & increase mindfulness, focus, and attention

  • You spend a lot of time indoors because of work

  • Your job is demanding 

  • You feel dread before the workday

  • You seek inner peace

  • You feel that there isn't enough time to do what you want to need to do​

  • You find it challenging to disconnect from work

  • You find yourself procrastinating 

  • You put on a happy or calm face at work, but inside you feel exhausted/angry/fearful/anxious/stressed

  • You notice your focus slips and you start thinking about something else when in conversations, reading, or when watching a movie/show

Click Here Now To Schedule a Consultation!

What kind of transformation can you expect to receive?

​Imagine you at your healthiest self in mind, body, and spirit.  What does that look, sound, and feel like?  We are here to help you achieve the healthiest self of your dreams. You can imagine it so clearly because it’s real.  Click here to schedule a consultation. 

Your investment includes:

  • Customized Coaching Experience 

  • An Initial Assessment and Final Assessment 

  • Experienced 2 Coach Team 

  • 12 Private Hourly Virtual Weekly Meetings

  • Text Message Access to Coaches From 8 AM-7 PM CST, Monday-Friday (This is the highest availability and access to both coaches.)

  • Scientifically Evidenced-Based Program

  • All Required Materials (Worksheets, Books)

  • Goal Development and Tracking 

  • Unrivaled Support and Accountability 

  • Daily Text Message Support (optional).

Click here to schedule a consultation. 

We've been waiting to hear from you!

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