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Discover The Secret Course Within You

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Beautiful Life Golf is dedicated to the beautiful parallels of golf and life, and the practice of using them to lower scores and become healthier both on and off the course.


At Beautiful Life Golf we acknowledge golf as a game, practice, and opportunity to create a powerful presence and focus that we can not only enjoy on the course but also off the course when done correctly.


We are dedicated to the idea that every golfer deserves more peace in their life and that the countless hours we spend on the course should also be utilized to serve our health and wellness.

Our one-of-a-kind coaching focuses on the neurological and cognitive behavior changes necessary to feel your best in mind, body, and spirit on and off the course.  You will NOT find this anywhere else!

We offer individual mental game lessons and coaching as well as group and corporate chats, clinics, and coaching.  

Click here for a personalized mental golf game coaching consultation. 

Click here for group, team, club, or corporate mental game speaking/chats/events, coaching, mental game meditations, mental game clinics, and/or mental game coaching.  

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Carlos and Laurie Golfing

Want to improve your golf mental game AND your health & wellness AND do it at the same time ASAP!?!

The Golfer 90-Day Coaching Program


Our clients are experiencing better play, lower scores, better sleep, increased focus, increased inner peace, deeper life satisfaction, increased work satisfaction, feeling at ease, and experiencing more natural energy on and off the course.


We are proud to have created a first-of-its-kind, revolutionary health and wellness program that incorporates golf to become healthier in mind, body, and spirit.  


An absolute must for ALL PROS and perfect for Weekend Warrior or Newbies looking to lower their scores, improve their mental health, and restore their health and wellness.

What's included?  Everything from our signature 90-day personalized coaching PLUS 12 mental game lessons.  


Reach out now and let’s get started! Click here to schedule a consultation. 

The Golfer 90 Day Program may be for you if you are experiencing 1 or more of the following:


-You are unable to take your range game to the course.

-You find that you are harsh, critical, or angry with yourself after bad shots

-You feel you don't often play to your potential during competition 

-You travel for competition or work 

-Your play can be radically inconsistent 

-You currently exercise & eat sensibly, yet something is still missing

-You have trouble relaxing on and/or off the course

-You are experiencing low energy

-You have trouble falling/staying asleep

-You have trouble making exercise and eating healthy a habit

-You are seeking weight loss

-You feel anxious often

-You want a better work/life balance

-You want to improve & increase mindfulness, presence, focus, and attention

-You seek inner peace

-You find yourself procrastinating 

Will you change my swing?

No. I will not touch your swing. We will improve and strengthen your neurological focus and attention, using specific techniques and programming customized specifically for you.

How will the mental game lessons or coaching help me?


Our coaching lessons are neurologically considered and designed and are the reasons why our clients find tremendous success.  Our coaching dives deep into the inner workings of the brain which sets Beautiful Life Golf apart from any other golf mental game program or coaching.  The goal of our lessons is to neurologically increase your focus, presence/mindfulness, and inner peace thus resulting in lower scores and greater golf and life satisfaction.  Our mental game lessons are designed to benefit your mental health off the course as well.  Here at BLG our deep understanding of the brain tells us that information does not equal behavior change.  What drives behavior change? Our tailored support and accountability.  


Are you a golf pro?



I am not a swing change coach.


I (Carlos) am a golf mental game coach, and certified health coach,  and I have been playing golf for over 25 years. I played competitive golf throughout High School and even spent a few summers teaching summer golf to kids and adults when I was in college. I’ve spent over a decade as a bilingual pediatric speech therapist, practicing in both home and clinical settings in the private and non-profit sectors in Austin, Texas, and in the Rio Grande Valley.  I spent my career as a speech therapist helping kiddos with Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, and ASD, learn to communicate verbally or using ASL.  As a pediatric therapist, I am highly trained in neurological behavior modification and carry those practices over to cultivating successful, healthy neurological habit change.


Laurie is a new golfer and an Occupational Therapist and has experience in school, home, clinical, and hospital settings. Laurie is also highly trained in neurological behavioral modification as it pertains to habit change for mind, body, and spirit practices.  She has dedicated her occupational therapy practice to helping others engage in neurological and sustainable physical and mental health wellness practices that are necessary to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. She is also responsible for helping me shoot lower scores and break new personal records in my golf game.


Our team loves golf! We are excited to share the tools and techniques that we have acquired over a combined 21 years of experience in the pediatric therapy world to your golf game and health and wellness!

Not sure where to start?


Click here to schedule a golf personalized coaching consultation!


Click here to schedule a golf group/clinic/corporate consultation! 

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