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BEAUTIFUL LIFE HEALTH and WELLNESS & BEAUTIFUL LIFE GOLF OFFERs PERSONALIZED programming, GROUP, and CORPorate wellness coaching And Yoga services.

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You Are A Beautiful Life

Are you ready to take your life or business to the next level?


It starts now! 

Click here for a personalized wellness/life coaching or yoga consultation. 

Click here for a couple's wellness/life coaching or yoga consultation.

Click here for a consultation for group or business health and wellness coaching or yoga/meditation services. 

Click here for personalized golf mental game coaching or golfer's health and wellness/life coaching consultation. 

Click here for clinics, groups, or business team building with golf mental game coaching, health and wellness coaching, or golf-focused yoga/meditation consultation. 

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Meditation by the Sea

Coaches' Promise

Our promise to you is the same promise we made to the kiddos and the families we have served as pediatric therapists: Love above all. Our dedication is to your health and wellness completely and totally.  While we may push you we always do so gently with love and support.  You have our promise to always have our undivided attention. We will always do everything within our power to best serve you and your journey.  Choosing us to be your coaches is not lost on us.  We are extremely grateful and honored to be your coaches.  All are welcomed.  All are invited.  All are treated with love and respect.  This is the law of our business:  Love above all.  

Dedicated with Love, 


Quotation Mark

Committing and investing in myself was the hardest part, yet I knew I had to make a change.

I work with a therapist, though that doesn't compare to the work I've done with my wellness coaches. They created a program tailored to my needs and helped me follow through, even in the hardest of times!

They've helped me create a more intentional lifestyle and taught me invaluable concepts that have truly impacted how I perceive challenges and tackle my goals. Thus ultimately improving on how I lead my day-to-day. I'm extremely grateful to have Carlos & Laurie at BLHW, in my corner.

For whoever is reading this, I implore you to leap into caring for yourself-- into investing in yourself. Realizing what's important to you is one thing but taking actionable steps is the only way forward, so if you need extra guidance for nourishing your life, trust in the work that Beautiful Life can offer. It's never too late to create the life you want and with the right coaches by your side, you'll make improvements.

Jenna, 90-Day Private Coaching Client

Sat on the Rocks

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