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Why Our Clients Get Life-Changing Results!

Our personalized wellness coaching clients' needs vary from

-wanting to decrease feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, feeling blue, or procrastination

-wanting to increase energy, creativity, mood stability, and productivity

-wanting to make exercise, eating well, mindfulness/presence, or meditation a habit

-wanting to improve golf mental game

-wanting more inner peace, happiness, self-love, and less inner criticism

For most of our personalized coaching clients, it's a combination of lots of things!

All of these things from the list above and below take practice and are habits.


Our wellness coaching requires each item in the list below to get life-changing results!

1. Sleep

If you want to improve your body and mental health, increase energy, and decrease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm then improve sleep before you do anything else.

Exercise, food, and meditation will only get you so far without deep sleep. If your sleep is lacking you will NOT see the full benefits of healthy eating, exercise, creativity, or meditation practices.

2. Baseline Goals

This is my secret to goal writing.

Always get your baseline for your goals. Your baseline is where you are starting with a goal. It will shock you what 1x/week for a year will do to solidify habits and improve your health and wellness.

For example, if you want to make exercise a habit. Ask yourself, how many days a week do I exercise? If it's inconsistent or 0x/week then start with 1x/week. At 1x/week this is a 100% increase from a 0x/week baseline.

When you honor your baseline, you strengthen your inner personal power, self-trust, and compassion.

3. Honor your journey

It’s simple but important.

Honoring your own journey, your baselines, and where you are at is key to making lifelong habits. Honoring your own journey also helps you to increase compassion, empathy, and peace for yourself and others.

Everyone's journey is different but also so similar in that we all have areas in our life that would benefit from more nourishing, more love, and more peace.

4. Invest in your wellness financially.

Most are excellent at investing in other things (yes, those things are important). But, if your wellness practices are not strong you will 100% be unable to truly enjoy your time here on Earth to the fullest.

Most have no problem easily spending over $15,000 (and much, much more) on a vehicle, but wouldn't dare consider or invest $4,000 to their wellness for the year. Eating out and weekend drinks for some can easily be about $10,000/year. For most, a streaming budget is prioritized over a wellness budget. This helps to put it all in perspective.

We are a reflection of what we invest our time and finances in. For most of us, especially with the current state of the world, we could all benefit tremendously by investing in our own wellness and peace practices.

If you want to feel your best and feel your most peaceful, you have to invest in your peace.

5. You are NOT your thoughts.

This is a big one. It’s simple but profound. This is powerful. It's spiritual and neurological.

Who are you? You are the one observing/noticing you are having a thought. You are the one that can decide what to do with the thought … see it and keep going with that thought or let it go and get present.

This takes practice. It's a habit. Most people's minds/brains have unintentionally made it a habit to think we are our thoughts.

Your brain is encoded with a negativity bias that likes to do the same thing. Our brain is wired for negativity, it takes less than 2 seconds to decide something is negative, but more than 20 seconds that something is positive. Our brains have developed this negativity bias over the course of time to keep us safe, to keep us alive.

Our brains also like to do things that we know we have survived. It doesn't matter if it's good for us or not, the question is, did we survive "it?" "It" can be everything!

So our brains you could say are wired to be negative and do the same things over and over again to keep us alive.

We are wired for survival, not peace.

When we recognize our neural habits for survival over peace and hence that you are not your thoughts... this is where a radical shift in your mental and spiritual health happens!

6. Recognize when your neurological stress response has been tripped.

When we feel anxious or overwhelmed our mind's eye shows us thoughts of fear/worry/etc. about the future. It feels uncomfortable because we have no power over thoughts about the future.

When we feel blue or depressed our thoughts are about the past… where we feel powerless because we have no power in the past.

As hokey as it sounds, your power is here in the present moment.

This is what mindfulness, yoga, Zen, the power of now, Buddhism, presence, or just being is helping you to remember.

The one simple truth: Presence is Power.

Those voices that give you every reason why you can’t fix your sleep, anxiety, golf mental game, exercise, or this or that … this is the voice of your stressed neurology.

Be the noticer, the observer. Notice those voices or mental projections. Notice the difference between the thoughts that are really you and the thoughts that are just mental chatter.

A good way to know the difference when it’s unclear is to ask oneself the following -

  1. How does it feel? Warm or cold?

  2. Does this thought serve?

  3. Does the ego care about this or is it spirit/inner wise voice/the one that recognizes your life is happening in the here and now?

We invite you to lean into warm feelings, thoughts that serve, and your spirit.


Our personalized wellness coaching clients are successful because they dare to do what most don't... invest in their wellness for only 90-days with life-changing results. We invite you to honor your life journey and get those life-changing results to feel your best in mind, body, and spirit!

You may feel unsure initially because it’s new - remember that negativity bias and wanting to do the same things for survival that I mentioned earlier?

We invite you to lean into the warmth.

Schedule your consult for personalized wellness coaching today! We'll have a lovely chat and come up with a personalized plan to help you feel your best! Click one of the links below!

The investment is currently $33, but will be $99 beginning May 1, 2022.

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