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Trouble falling asleep? Do this when your mind is racing…

1. Set a 5-minute timer.

2. Lie down on your back with good alignment - head over heart…heart over hips

3. Tense your entire body and then relax it. Relax your forehead and jaw. Lower your tongue if it’s over the roof of your mouth.

4. Close your eyes.

5. Inhale for 4 seconds

6. Hold for 4 seconds

7. Exhale for 8 seconds.

8. Repeat

*If you prefer to do this seated, feel free!

When your mind is running & you are unable to sleep your thoughts have tripped your nervous system to be on alert and be in a sympathetic state or fight, flight, freeze.

These thoughts that are keeping you up at night have been identified by your brain as stressful. Remember your neurological system does not differentiate between the stress of being chased by a lion, future worry, or work stress. The stress response is the same - fight, flight, or freeze.

To bring your neurological system back to a relaxed state (parasympathetic) from a stressed state (sympathetic) it takes only 2 minutes of deep breathing with your exhale being longer than your inhale.

Improving your mind’s focus and attention to the present moment takes practice, it’s a habit. Your breath is always in the present moment.

Remember if you want to problem-solve, increase creativity, and be more productive you have to get your best sleep.

You know what your energy and mood are like when you sleep well versus when you don’t. Can you imagine getting your best sleep for the next 90-days?

If you’re ready to experience your best sleep, feel your best, & turn off the day in just minutes then let’s get started. Schedule your consultation!


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